Monday, March 21, 2011

M-Monday & Some News 3/21/11

Ok, I know.. I am a bit late with my update of man candy for you guys. I did miss out on the weekly teaser last Tuesday. But things have been so hectic for me lately. Excuses here: My schedule is changing up due to some exciting news, but that doesn't mean that I will not try my hardest to keep putting updates/reviews on my blog. I have barely had time to read but I am putting in effort at any sparsely given opportunity so I can give you guys that next honest review. Just they probably won't be as frequent as before...until I manage my schedule appropriately. 

I have come to terms with my bibliophilia and know I will be continuing to read. Especially since I have a growing TBR pile--that seems to acquire an addition almost on a daily basis...

I'm so excited about what I've gotten so far -- by means of PaperbackSwap, the local Goodwill and Dollar General of course! :

From the mail via PaperbackSwap

From Dollar General -- $1 each! (I was so happy to find Dark Passions, it was on my Wishlist for a while.)

From Goodwill -- Brand New and .99₵ each! (Darnit, they didn't have Vol. 1!)

I'm such a book whore! I currently have over 80 books in my personal library...ok, maybe close to 100? Maybe over? 

Let me be in denial! -- I will divert attention and hypnotize you with these Mischievous Monday Men!:

Hope you can forgive me...?
'til next time,


Jessica said...

Wow those were some nice dollar general finds. Last man pic looks like hes checking his man bush to see if it's manscaped enough lol

theJeepDiva said...

Those LJ McDonald books are great. Book 3 is supposed to be out in Sept & 4,5 & 6 are mostly complete & she is publisher hunting. (or so I've read somewhere)

Soli said...

@theJeepDiva Yeah I heard the same thing about the publisher hunting from her blog, I guess since the publisher of the first two in the series are online reads only now. Bummers.

I can't help liking a solid book in my hand and able to physically turn the pages...It's kind of more intimate. But I still read online books, too.