About Me

Art by Glenn Arthur

Blogger: Soli

Sex: Female

Interests: The paranormal, fiction novels, horror movies, anime, manga and steamy hot men.

Media Genres: Primarily fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, macabre, paranormal romance, romance, adult erotica, contemporary, urban fantasy, historical romance, historical fiction, tragedies.

Favorite Authors: Anne Rice, Steven King, Garth Nix, Maria V. Snyder, Francescia Lia Block, Gena Showalter (*Note: this list is going to grow with time)

Purpose of this Blog: Really, to just share a portion of my madness and obsessions with the world wide web out there. I will have reviews on books, film, television shows, art or anything that catches my fancy as time passes on. Perhaps I will be able to offer contests/giveaways for lucky others to fall into the lunacy? Maybe some of my own works of writing will be included, who knows? I don't have a set limitation in my mind of what I enjoy or the use of my imagination, so why should I bother with any on my own blog? I just hope that others will enjoy what I have to offer. Enjoy my blog, pretty please?