Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Nymph King Review

The Nymph King 
by Gena Showalter :

      I absolutely fell in love with this book! Maybe because I'm a pervy at heart...*Clears throat* Ahem.
  So this book was primarily picked out because of the lovely hunk on the cover, I must confess, but the story really surprised me. I had found out that this was not a stand alone novel but in fact the third installment of the Atlantis series. It was easy to catch the progression of the story and this book really was about Valerian, the nymph king, finding (and capturing *wink*) his eternal mate. I must also mention that his cousin Joachim, who is rivaling for the crown and title that Valerian holds, mirrored this conquest in the story...Rather deliciously.

  The story begins with the dilemma of the nymph warriors who have captured the castle of Atlantis and the forbidden portal within that gives way to the "surface," or mortal, world. Their nymph women mysteriously gone and only four human women living amongst them (one already claimed as a mate and the other three are too intoxicated with their affections for Valerian), the men are weak from their lack of sexual interaction. Sex is something vital to their species and when pleasures are given they become extremely strong. With the dragons looming over their heads to reclaim their kingdom, battle is something only inevitably coming their way. So Valerian reluctantly agrees to go with a team of his men in search of human women to satiate their crippling ravenousness. Coming to the surface of a Florida beach wedding they make a successful quest, but Valerian finds himself struck with undeniable attraction to his found destined mate, the cold Shaye Holling. Though Shaye is feeling the same magnetism to this Greek god-looking barbarian, she is still with her wits about her, knowing that this herding of women by wanton beefcakes is something she shouldn't bend willingly to as her fellow smiling captives are. Oh, besides one other with the same apprehensions, Doctor Brenna Johnston.

  This battle of fighting of her mind against her aching body is only to protect her vulnerable heart. Valerian is all new to this type of game of winning over a woman, never before having the challenge of pursuing the opposite sex because of his all-too-powerful alluring scent that usually made women just fall all too willingly into his lap. Though this was a good scheme for the story, I found myself sometimes shaking my head and saying, "Stupid, stupid Shaye...just give it up already!!!" She seemed so obviously ready to fall to her knees in surrender one minute and then a cruel tease the next by feeble attempts of escape! Maybe the the title of the real tease should be for Valerian, though...Hmm.

  A very steamy read, nonetheless. I don't want to give too much away. Plenty of adult debauchery and heated scenes, if you crave the erotic (My favorite was *tiny spoiler?!* Joachim's bondage!). Sprinkled with a little bit of heart warming romance, for good measure. Great job, Gena! I'm addicted to another series of yours.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-0373775354
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 384
Genre: Paranormal Romance Point of View: Third Person
Series / Stand Alone: 3rd in Atlantis series

Purchase Information: Amazon

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