Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am still trying to figure out the codes, templates, blah blah in order to make my blog more appealing for you guys (if any followers yet?), so bear with me please! Anyhow, I decided to go ahead and share some of my current obsessions to fill in the empty space in here for now:

#1, Author Edward Lee. If you haven't figured out yet (I still need to post interests in my profile u.u;) I am a big horror buff and insane book fanatic. Since I can remember I have enjoyed horror movies and reading. I especially like the older movies out there from around the '70-80's because they are so creative in story and most special effects look way more realistic than the computer generated blah that's out there right now. I haven't delved into too many dark horror authors yet, besides some romantic Anne Rice and the master Steven King and of course my favorite childhood author R.L. Stine. But after reading Richard Laymon's The Traveling Vampire Show, which I oddly enjoyed, I noticed along some surfing of similar authors that he wrote a praise for Edward Lee's City Infernal. So here I go, ordered the book and it arrived in just 3 days. I could not put it down after the first few chapters. I will admit that the "interlude" of this story was a bit cliche and too melodramatic for me, but it served as a good enough reason to have Cassie begin her journey in such a perilous environment. I mean, she has to have a sensible reason to travel through the depths of Hell's atrocious city, Mephistopolis, right?!

Basically, Cassie and her twin sister Lissa are complete opposites, but both goth girls that go to a gothic rave at a local club in D.C. Insert drugs, alcohol and a small spat of Cassie "always being a downer." Cassie, in drugged and drunken state, finds herself somehow in the back of the club looking for her sister. Lissa's boyfriend, comes into the room and tries to put the moves on the twin sister Cassie, saying that Lissa and him are an "open relationship" and she understands that he has "his needs." You can figure the rest as Lissa finds them to only commit murder and then her own suicide. Later on Cassie finds out that her and her father have moved into a home that is an open portal to the other plane of Hell and she figures that since Lissa resides there, she's on a mission to find her and plead for reconciliation. She's accompanied by three "plebes" of the city: Via (a witch), Hush (the mute) and Xeke (a rogue). Eventually through her learning and horrid experiences of the government-like damnation of the city, she comes to find out that she is a powerful prophecy that can either be an extreme threat to Lucifer's reign or an aid to his incarnation amongst the living world to wreak ultimate havoc. With that she still forages on for the sake of her relationship with her sister and (*Spoiler!?*)comes to the reality that her visitation was all an elaborately devised plan to be captured.
 Even though this a very creative work of fiction I couldn't help being a bit scared about the afterlife and how even the most simple sin could be the passage to eternal suffering. Definitely made me tink. So, I'm ready for a second dose very soon with Infernal Angel, supposedly the second installment of the series.

#2, Torchwood, television series. I stumbled onto this series purely by accident while watching the funny parodies of Katy Brand, who has the comedy programme Big Ass Show on a British channel ITV (I believe). Anyway, on someone's channel they made a video of scenes from the series and I decided to watch an episode. I enjoy the sci-fi show Caprica and usually watch some stuff on Sci-fi, so I thought, why not? Immediately I fell in love with the characters Captian Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. Torchwood is a team of alien-hunters set to keep the horrors from attacking the citizens of Cardiff and also harnessing all of the left behind technologies for defense in the future. Gwen was a local police officer turned ally in the first episode. Jack Harkness is the team's leader, supposedly American of an unknown past (*Spoiler?!*) and an immortal. I later found out by some research that the show is actually a branch from the tv show Dr Who, which I am aware has been around for several decades and was only able to watch a few episodes in the past. I don't know, but I feel that this show really doesn't compare. I mean the characters are more easy to be familiar with and the effects not as cheesy of what I've encountered in the Dr Who series. Supposedly, there is a connection with Jack Harkness and 'The Face of Boe,' but I can't bring myself the stomach to actually start watching Dr Who. Blahs, I'm only looking forward to more Torchwood for now!

#3, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (!!!), television series. Mmm-mmm! I have watched Spartacus from the beginning of being aired on Starz! and just loved all the lust, gore and drama of the first series. Naturally, I had to follow on to the next season! Yes, yes. I know, you're probably thinking I'm just a fan because of the half and completely naked actors. Well, you're partially right. But really, the back stories of all of the entangling characters and the dramatic scenarios they encounter with each other are just as alluring as their physiques.

This season is more a prelude of how the fortune and fame of Batiatus came to be once he gains control of his family's ludus. In the first season, I absolutely despised the snake Batiatus for his conniving ways, but in this season I come to understand the cold monster and his reasons for such ways in pursuing his dreams and goals. He wants more than his current status, only understandable, and many block his way and try to keep him from seizing what he honestly believes he deserves. Lucretia is more innocent it seems in this season, even though she has an affair with a close friend, Gaia, who returns unexpectedly after the loss of her late and wealthy husband (smells fishy, there). Since this is the story before the arrival of the Thracian soldier turned gladiator, our new centered eye candy is Gannicus, who is an obscene drunk and very haughty character. The director continues to impress as well as appall me with new exciting counterattacks and violence against the rival opponents. (*Spoiler!?*)There's even a part where Gannicus fights blindfolded and somehow ends up on top (so I guess I will have to accept his arrogance, for now)! Crixus just arrives in to the gladiator school, Oenomaus is just recovering his wounds from his battle with the legendary Theokoles and his wife, come to find is Melitta, can only encourage him while it seems he is not at all going to be considered to reenter the ludus as top gladiator despite his incredible feat and Ashur is amongst the men, not yet inflicted with his crippling damage. I am eager to find what lies in the next episode tonight!


Well, I have listed some of my delicious obsessions. I am off to get some rest and rise again when the stars are up.