Monday, April 4, 2011

M-Monday 4/4/11

I'm so sorry about my sporadic behavior! I have been reading quite a few books (graphic novels are a much more quick read than actual novels), so I will be giving you some more reviews in the next few days. :)

I forgot to update the Mm-man last night. So here I go, giving you some late eye-candy! :

Showering everyone with some love,


Gabrielle said...

After a long and terrible day at work, I get to see this. Thank you! Feel free to shower him on your followers anytime. :)

Tyraa said...

Haha I love the 2 different angles, it's like he knew one angle wasn't enough ;)

Soli said...

Hehe, you're very welcome Gabrielle! :)

I <3 the sexy angles, too. I wanted to share some more I found, but I am saving those treats for the next Mondays, Tyraa. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very HOT, certainly put a smile on my face!