Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Vol. 1: Sanctuary (Manga Review)

Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Vol. 1: Sanctuary
story by Melissa Marr and art by Xian Nu Studio

Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales is a trilogy manga featuring the same characters from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely novel.

Rika is living in the seclusion of a Mojave Desert cave and paints the landscapes while she also remains invisible to the mortal, Jayce, she seems admire just as much. Then an incident reveals hers existance to him when she comes to his rescue. Complications with the interested fey seem to threaten their blossoming relationship, if not only fuel them to bond more closely.

My Review:
This manga is set in the traditional manhwa, or Korean comic, style with black and white illustrations reading from left to right. 

I adored the illustrations. They were unique in style and not the highly-detailed-with-complicated-flowery-backgrounds of other mangas I have read. The art was simple yet still caught my attention and held my interest enough to pursue the story.

Though I have never read Marr's Wicked Lovely series, I was able to grasp a little of Rika's history with the Summer King Keenan from his appearance and easily understood her emotions. If anything, this manga only made me want to read the original series even more just to get more of the details of the drama.

Her adventure with the mortal stranger she fiercely protects, Joyce, was heartwarming and I was only upset that it was such a quick read. I'm going to be scoping out the other two of this series on my next visit to the Dollar Tree. 

I give this manga 3.5 stars.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-0-06-149354-6
Publisher: TOKYOPOP / HarperCollins
Pages: 196
Genre: Graphic Novel, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Stand Alone / Series: 1st of Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales series

Purchase Information: Amazon
TOKYOPOP Site with free preview: TOKYOPOP

Author/Illustrator's Websites: Melissa Marr, Xian Nu Studio(Spanish)